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33 Degree Love Song Chords

Well, I finally found the little bugger!  I've been looking for the chords for this song forever.  Very 
but a super-cool song????..enjoy!

G        Em          C        D
Darling, you are the apple of my eye
G       Em               C     D
I can't live without you by my side
G       Em      C                  D
I think you are better than sliced bread

G    Em         C            D
When I become a Shriner then you can be my fez

Lovemuffin, I think you score a ten
You must be a dog because you're this man's best friend
You can be a husky, and I'll be a chow
I don't care what species just as long as I'm your pal
C       D           G
Darling you are the one
C      D     G
Please be my fez  (2x)
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Honeybuns, you're what the Germans call zerr gutt
If you were the ocean then I would be the boot
What could be better than sailing with you all day
If you were the ocean than no sailors would be gay-CHORUS

Sugarlips, I think that you are the bomb
You can do an air raid on me anytime you want
Arrest her officer, she stole my heart
I wish I was those handcuffs wrapped around you arms-CHORUS

On the final chorus, slowly strum the C-D-G for "Darling you are the one"
Then pluck the following for "Please be my fez"

When played with two guitars, the second guitar plucks the chords during the 3rd and 4th verses.
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