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Second Tab

Bear vs. Shark - Second
Tabbed by: astoit1323

This is my version of Second, and after listening to it multiple times, I think I got it down.
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Guitar 1 only:
 Emaj C#m7/E Bsus4 Esus4

Emaj       C#m7/E     Bsus4    Esus4
And I'll take what is given to me
Emaj       C#m7/E     Bsus4    Esus4
And I'll realize I'm not going home
              Emaj  C#m7/E           Bsus4     Esus4
And after a while, when all of your currency's gone
             Emaj  C#m7/E           Bsus4           Esus4
And after a while, when all your mistakes have been made and you've tasted
the carbon dioxide.
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After the lyrics are finished and the rest of the band comes in, a new progression is 
started that continues through the rest of the song.

Guitar 1 plays:
 Emaj Bsus4 Esus4

OR (Either variation sounds fine. I personally like to switch between the two when playing.)

 E5  Bsus4  Esus4

And Guitar 2 plays:
  B    F#   E

There is also a synth in the background that plays something like this, which repeats 
for the rest of the song.:


Good luck! Hope this helps!