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In The Flat Field Bass Tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This tab was made by Twist the Dentist and representss his interpretation of  #
#the song. You may use this file for whatever you want as long as this message #
#is still attached.                                                            #

In the Flat Field by Bauhaus

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Everywhere I looked for this tab I found the same tab which was completely wrong
so I decided to work it out and post the tab online. This is how it actually
goes (assuming your bass is tuned the same as mine, if it's not then shift the
whole thing up or down a fret or whatever). If you see a tab site with the other
In the Flat Field tab on it please feel free to submit this one.

The whole song is pretty much like this.


There are bits where it does this instead. There's only one note difference.