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Police At The Door Tab


this is the intro and the between lirics play

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we where having a party
the music playd out loud
naigbours did n`t like it
thay bangd the door and shout
i told tham to stop
don`t you bother me no more
after half an our
there was police at the door

we where in a dance hal
the band yust play`s it hot
the whole joint started rockin
the place was faling apart
the roof just didn`t hold it
and fal on to the floor
i hear the sirens coming
it was police at the door

ricky and johny
where having a lot of fun
thay where chasing miles
with a basil on the run
just around the corner
they robt the liqoure store
they where to drunk to hear the police at the door.

the last part of the lirics i`m no quait shure ,
during the lirics band te g string on the 5 tab

and to hear the song look it up on the you tube
good luck