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In This Town Chords

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Subject: b/bates/in_this_town.crd
Band:     		The Bates (Zimbl, Reb, Pogo, Klube)
Song:     		In this town/A Fuck on the Edge of the World
Album:    		pleasure + pain
Tab and Chords from: 	Sundawn99[n1] (Lenny"next time some Millencolin tunes"Nacke)

Right on! These two songs belong together, I think. They're earbreaker-distortioned and will scare the 
out of you ear. Comments and corrections are welcome. Chordchart shouldn't be needed, all power chords. Go 

In this town
Chords(punk n'roll rhythm):
C  -  A (just those two, all the time)
Boredom eats me like cancer,
Boredom makes me sick,
Boredom eats me like cancer,
Boredom is so big...         in this town...   in this town

All my friends are junkies,
Tryin' to get a hit,
Boredom eats me like cancer,
Nothing seems to fit...          in this town...    in this town
End on----------> A (let ring a while, then start next song below)

A Fuck on the Edge of the World
[ Tab from: ]
Verse(Chords, heavy distortion,listen to CD for rhythm,play four times):
C...(slide to) - D
G   -   A#

Into the light, shining so bright,
Into the black, don't break my neck
Out of the blue, not good for you,
Into the dark, feel like a shark

D - A - B - G       four times
F  -  A             at the end of each Chorus

Chorus(Lyrics, repeat one time):
Feels like a fuck on the edge of the world,
Feels like a fuck and the devil is my girl

Verse 2(Lyrics):
Don't talk that way, it's not okay,
Shine like the sun, I'm havin fun,
Goin so fast, please let it last,
Feeling so fine, I'm on the line

-Repeat Chorus
-Play solo over verse chord progression
Solo(something basically like this with a lot distortion and some bendings, really fast):

G|------5---7---9---11----|(move this up and down and fill in some bendings at the end)

-Repeat Chorus
F  -   A (just kill your guitar, moving these chords up and down)
end on --------->A

This song was some work, because it's damn fast, but you'll enjoy it, I think. Anybody who has or wants 
Millencolin, No Fun at all or Bates stuff, please e-mail me. Anybody wanna have "Stranded" by No Fun at all, 
send it to you, if you want or maybe I'll even post it. Go ahead and e-mail mail me, if you've anything cool to talk about or just comments.Greetings to:
Jesse K., Matt Derrick (and his band), Face First, NoFx and all US-punkrockers.