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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 17:06:01 -0500 (EST)
From: Badfisch 

Band:     		The Bates
Song:     		HERE WE GO
Album:    		Kicks 'N' Chicks
Tab by: (yeah me again:-))

Simplicity rocks, always did ! This is easy as pie !! And it should be right. Enjoy!

                             HERE WE GO - THE BATES

        E         B
Here we go once again
      A                 B
And I love you pretty baby
        E         B          A     B
Here we go once again once again
          E           B
And it is true my old friend
        A               B
I still love you pretty baby
        E         B          A       B
Here we go once again once again
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Weird Part:
      E' (with Solo)
And I know it ain't right
      B(?) (with Solo)
And I know it's still a fight
      A                                   B
But I like it so much fighting with you baby

- Repeat all of the above one time then play bare chords without lyrics:
- Might look like this (find the rhythm yourself !!):
      E'  B   A   B

- 2 times normal, 2 times with different rhythm
- then repeat the weird part and beginning of the song as the
"Here we go, here we go" singing continues. (play E,B - A,B)

That's it! Made it through another Bates Song.

CHORD CHART (powerchords):
   A    B    E    E'

I'm not sure about the weird part, if anybody got better ideas,
please email me! "Yetihead" Tim, Makkus, Matthi, Fight, Discord-Sprickbert,
Geschwi, Tewes, (GW-ABIBAND'99), Die Krise, Jahrbuch '97/'98, TheaterAG
and all my North Idaho friends (+ all I forgot to mention): DANKE, LEUTE!