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Oblivion Chords

After reading all the other tabs, and playing through them. I switched around the 
minor, and what not.
i think it sounds good.
especially if you use your index and middle finger to pluck the bottom 2 strings, 
and use your thumb to pluck the top root string of each chord
please rate and comment!

 C  G  Em D

C         G    D
When you fall asleep,
C         G
with your head,
Em            D
upon my shoulder.
C           G     D
When you're in my arms,
    C      G        Em        D
but you've gone somewhere deeper.
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Em                C         D              
Are you going to age with grace?
Em                C      G         D
Are you going to leave a path to trace? (age without mistakes)
Em                C         D
Are you going to age with grace?
Em          C       G         D
Or only to wake and hide your face. 

       C   G   Em-D
Well, oblivion.
   C       G        Em-D
Is calling out your name.
C          G       Em-D
You always take it further,
     C  G      Em-D
than I ever can.

Verse 2:
C        G       D
When you play it harder,
    C  G    Em          D
and I try to follow you there,
C         G       D
It's not about control,
  C        G          Em             D
But I turn back when I see where you go.

PRECHORUS (first half)


 C  G  Em D