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Fish Heads Chords

Fish Heads
by Barnes and Barnes
Written by: Robert Haimer & Bill Mumy
Tabbed by: Robert Trail

The chords used are just E, B and F#
They can be played as open chords or to make them sound more like
the piano in the song, they can be played on the 7th and 9th frets.

   E   B    F#

The progression through the song goes like this:

|E / B / |E / B / |E / B / |F# / B / |

Use that for the verses and the chorus!


(First time, the chorus is a-capella)

Fish Heads, Fish Heads
Roly-Poly Fish Heads
Fish Heads, Fish Heads
Eat them up, Yum!

(Repeat Chorus with chords)
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Verse 1:
In the morning
Laughing, happy fish heads
In the evening
Floating in the soup


Verse 2:
Ask a fish head
Anything you want to
He won't answer
They can't talk


Verse 3:
I took a fish head
Out to see a movie
Didn't have to pay to
Get it in


Verse 4:
They can't play baseball
They don't wear sweaters
They're not good dancers
They don't play drums


Verse 5:
Roly-Poly fish heads are never seen
drinking capachino in Italian resturants with
Oriental women


Then repeat the chorus 2 more times and then one time
a-capella again and that's it!

When I got the urge to figure this song out, I was shocked that
I couldn't find it on the web. It's a true classic and staple of
the Dr. Demento radio show. And yes, it was written and recorded
by Bill Mumy....the same Bill Mumy who played Will Robinson on
"Lost in Space". Enjoy!