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Mirror Chords

Standard Tuning 
  Em  C  Em  D
  Em       C     Em          C       D
v Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Have i got it?
        Em            C      Em     C      D
  Cause mirror you've always told me who i am 
      Em      C       Em  C      D
  I'm finding its not easy to be perfect
     Em   D         Em   D
  So sorry you wont define me
  Em   D         Em   D
  Sorry you dont own me
  Em             D                C                G       
  Who are you to tell me that i'm less than what i should be
  A       Em   C        G    A
  Who are you, Who are you  yeah
  Em             D             C                G        A  
  I dont need to listen to the list of things i should do
  A      Em   C       G    A
  I wont try, I wont try

  Em     C    Em    C        D
  Mirror i am seeing a new reflection
      Em      C        Em  C          D
  i'm looking into the eyes of He who made me
      Em  C         Em       C       D
  And to him i have beauty beyond compare
  Em   C         Em    D
  I    know he defines me

  Em        D    C 
  you, dont, define me
  Em        D    C 
  you, dont, define me

Great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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