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Alternative Girlfriend Chords

Very easy song. Never been one of my favorites, but it's fun to play every now and again.

Standard tuning

Capo on 2nd fret, with the low E string left open

The chords are played as follows:
D:     xx0232
Cadd9: x32033
A7sus: 002030
A:     00222x
Em:    022000
Fmaj7: 033210
A7:    002020
G:     320033

D, Cadd9 (x5)

[Verse 1]
D      Cadd9  D        Cadd9
You're in an  all-girl band
D     Cadd9    D    Cadd9
Your futon's second hand
D     Cadd9   D   Cadd9      D         Cadd9     D  Cadd9  A7sus D
Your parents understand, but you don't care
D  Cadd9  D       Cadd9
I have a job in a shop
D      Cadd9  D     Cadd9
I'm an under  cover cop
D      Cadd9      D    Cadd9        D   Cadd9   D   Cadd9
I make sure the customers aren't thieves
[ Tab from: ]
A             Em
Old at being young
A              Em
Young at being old
A               Em
Everything's on hold within our evolution

D      Fmaj7   Em             A7sus    A7
You're my    alternative girlfriend
  D    Fmaj7       Em         A7sus    A7
I love you and now you cannot pretend
Bm                                          G
      There's nothing left that won't cross over

[Verse 2]
Last night we slept on the lawn
You woke up and I was gone
Back to the dream I dream to leave
My life with her is a bore
A worn-out metaphor
No more surprises up its sleeve

We're old at being young, young at being old
Everything's been sold to others' revolutions


    D                          Cadd9  G
You live above your dad's four-car garage
          D                   Cadd9  G
With your vinyl and imaginary entourage
     D                    Cadd9    G
If I pull up in a U-Haul, pack up quick
          D                               Cadd9    Fmaj7
So we can get out of this town, 'cause it makes me sick