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One Good Day Chords

transcribed by patrick henry a. de guzman

please use power chords.. please lang wag kang magulat, kung ika'y magkalat pag di
power chords gameht mo

verse 1 palm mute mo sha, ok
 feel the warmth      C         
 of days beginning    G
 taste the joy        A
 coming your way      A# 
 smell the good       C
 thats brewing        G   
 it's gonna be a good day   A-A#

verse 2 (same ung chords at pattern dun sa verse 1)
 rise and shine       
 it's morning
 wake up
 it's a beautiful day
 hit me with that 
 special feeling
 it's gonna be a good day

refrain chords dito... uhmm.. a.. er... F-G-C, power chords dehn
 smell it feel it taste it
 your sunshine in a cup

chorus (same as verse chords pero di sha palm mute, ok)
 today's the day
 one good day
 i'm on my way
 coming up
 today's the day
 one good day, 
 one good day coming up
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verse 3 (ganun uleht.. palm mute)
 even though
 the nights feel long
 nothing will 
 can go wrong
 you just know it
 when it's coming
 it's gonna be a good day

kuhng di kayoh marunohng ng power chords, eto sha
e-3--x----|  x means di mo sha ii-include sa pag-strum, bale bass strings
B-5--x----|    lang, i thinks its called a brokens chord.. hehe  
D-5--5----|     <-- for C
G-4--x----|     <-- for G naman
   or      or 
G-6--x----7--x--|    <-- for A and A# respectively  

mas mganda ung broken chord ang use nyo kaseh iba ata ung sound pag ung complete chords
ung strum nyo hahaha... great song by barbie's cradle.. the band with the most beautiful
and most sexiest gurl vocalist, barbie almalbis.

i dont normally give out my email add pero ang onti ng frends ko sa frendster kya pag
lyk nyo tong song, add nyo ko