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Goodnyt Chords

Barbie's Cradle

Intro: A9-Ab/A9-D9

F#m      E         D9
Good evening to the sun
F#m E             D9 F#m
Might I be the only one who sleeps
             E              Bm
Through the melodies of morning
C#m       D9     A   D9
While they wake, they awake
F#m E          D9    F#m        E               D9
This chirping lullaby brings my little dreams to life
F#m      E    Bm   C#m     D9
In my sanctuary I become a child
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     A9         Ab/A9 Bm-D9
So goodbye to the sun goodnyt
    A9           Ab/A9      Bm      D9-E(break)
All pain will be gone for awhile, awhile

Interlude: Am-Ab/A9-D9

F#m      E               D9
Heaven's windows are the stars
    F#m         E                  D9
You were watching me from where you are
F#m       E            Bm          C#m      D9
But we're divided by the light with morning stars

Chorus 2:
     A9         Ab/A9   Bm-D9
So goodbye to the sun, goodnyt
     A9          Ab/A9       Bm     D9-E
All pain will be gone for a while, a while

Interlude 2:
(Repeat Chorus 2 2x)

  A9-Ab/A9-D9-E break (4x)