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Dear Paul Chords

G                Bm7
Dear Paul, oh my old friend
C                                           G
I always liked you, but you always liked to go
G                              Bm7    
I loved you from the classroom window
C                                          G
But you were busy making girls like me miserable
C                       G        
Chasing the high school girls

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G                Bm7
Dear Paul, I was changed
   C                                    G
My very first addiction was named after you
G                        Bm7
And I stared, and I shed some tears
            C                                     G
And I started writing songs to comfort me while I wait
    C                          G
But like some things you never came
Don't you know
       Em                     C                        
Eleven years is long time to freeze a heart
Eleven years is long enough
   Am(strum/hold)   D(strum)
To make a girl insane

G                    Bm7
Dear Paul, would you stay far
C                          G
And be the bicycle I never had
G                                 Bm7    
And I've tried different kinds of ice cream
C                                              G
But some made my throat sour but you were only bliss
C                    G        
So I'll visit you in dream
(Repeat Refrain)
Interlude: G-C
You make a girl insane Paul
C                      G
You make a girl insane Paul
C                    G
You make a girl insane