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Just A Smile Chords

Sori po kung kulang ha kasi chinambahan ko lang po yun e…..
Capo on first fret.....
i wnna tel u everythng easily
wont u come up close i want 2 hear u breathe
im walkin down the street, im lost at sea..
out of the crowd u smile and ur all i see.. 
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     E       Esus      A9
  you make me fell like i
  C#m         B         A9
  can u lost inside ur eyes
    E            Esus      A9
  i feel closer to the sky     
   C#m                      B           A9
  when u save the day with just a smile
~ just a smile

wanna meet u someday soon coz i know u in my mind
everything will be different when i have u right beside 
u can take the whole wide world w/ur boyish charm, even
as u hold me close i want to stay in ur arm….