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Years Chords

Intro F Bb Dm C Bb F
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F          Bb            C               Dm
Faded photographs the feelings all come back
Bb            Dm                 C
Even now sometimes, you feel so near
F                    Bb   C                 Dm
and i still see your face like it was yesterday 
Bb                   C               F
Its strange how the days turned into years
F                       Bb      [ch]Bb/A[/ch]   Gm
Years of hanging on, to dreams already gone
A                         Bb   C
Years of wishing you were here
F                         Bb    [ch]Bb/A[/ch]       Gm
After all this time you'd think I wouldn't cry
   Bb                  C                        F
Its just that I still love you after all these year

Same as intro F Bb Dm C Bb F
   F                Bb      C            Dm
2. Nighttime gently falls another day is gone
Bb                Dm                   C
I turn around to find you're still not here
F                         Bb  C                    Dm
I'll leave the hall light on,In case you come back home
 Bb               C              F
Funny, I've been saying that for years

        C               F
TAG;    After all these years

Outrol; F Bb Dm C Bb F