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From: Stefan Klatt []

Artist: Bandits
Song: Shadows (from Soundtrack)

Am               E            Am
Moon in shadows, hiding faces
               E              Am
In a blue-eyed dead-end-night
                  E                  Am
Broken dreams and colded heart-beats
                E     Am
Standing tender by my side
                E              Am
Light is fading into darkness,
                  E               Am
Time to kiss your soul good night
                E            Am
Waiting for the everlasting,
              E      Am    C
God-allmighty golden light

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                   F                  E
Where the sun burns, I will be there,
Once upon in former time
                F                    E
All the laughter, all this fighting,
Seem to be a part of mine

Oh you people
You people here I am
Take me, keep me, claim me now
Punish me - I smile somehow
Yeah, I stay, I'll never look back
I know how it feels, when red turns to black

Am                  E                Am
Stars and stripes behind the window,
           E              Am
Colourful against the sky
                  E                 Am
Streetcars passing towards nowhere,
               E        Am  C
Watching me to say good-bye

Where the sun burns...

Am        F
I am over, high above
    E              Am
I'm falling like I felt in love
           F              E
I am high, far in the air
Yeah, I know who will be there