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Its Alright Chords

This is taken from the Bandist soundtrack...the German version with Jasmin
Tabatabai...goodtimes, great music, simple song

Intro A D (4x)

Verse 1:
 A      D        E
We are here for you
 A       D             E
just to tell you the truth
           D            A
Yeah, we know it's not new
           D              E
But we're here from the start
              D         A    D E D
And that'll break you apart - uuuhhh...

Pre chorus:
 A             D             E          D
You've got to light a candle to be with me
             A           D
'cause you know I am so high above you,
E       D
I can't see
        A         D            E
But if you put a fire in your window
A      D                  E
I can show you where the wind blows

         A D E D
It's allright ...
(repeat 4x)

Interlude A D (4x)
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Verse 2:
 A             D                     E       D
Let's go, the wind has changed, it blows so wild
             A               D
Now hit the fear and sing a song,
               E       D
yeah, sing it like a child
           A            D          E
Don't you see, we are flying like batman
A       D             E
We are going to the promised land

Chorus (2x)

Interlude A D (8x)
( I have no clue what Nicolette completley says here just peices)
something something something something
*tell me are you having fun..are you havin' fun!*

Pre outro:
 A            D                E         D
We're on the way to somewhere, we don't know
         A                 D
but the time will show us where we stand,
      E      D
where we can go
           A          D                E      D
Don't you see we are burning like the sunball
A         D                E          D
Yeah, we like it when the rain falls

         A   D   A
It's allright ...