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Catch Me Chords


            C               G
I heard she drove a silvery sports-car
          Am                 G
along the empty streets last night
         F                       C
hanging around with hairdos like mine
      F                              G
no, I haven't seen the kids for some time

Picked up her shoes from the red-brick stairway
just like a harpsichord as she moves
and back upstairs at half past two
with a paper folded outside the loo

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Dm         F
Rain falls like Elvis' tears
C      G
oh no, no sugar tonight
Dm                      G
out on the high streets, dim all the lights now
Dm                  G
Cry colored tears again

C           G
Baby, don't forget to catch me
Am                        G
don't forget to catch me, don't forget to catch me
F                                           C
Hold on princess, don't you think that it's time
F                                    G
on the platform with a drizzle in my eye

I had a friend from over the harbor
he said he stayed with a neighborhood girl
and sometimes when it won't go right
I can hear his voice inside me at night

Pre Chorus:

the ticket in my hand, the train pulls down the line