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Hollywood Bowl Chords

Band of skulls - Hollywood bowl
Another great song from BoS!
Listen to the record for all variations (and vibrato!) being used.

A A A A A A G A "Hey"  C C C C C C B B B B B B 2X
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0:08 A chord
0:12 verse 1 A G F# F (4x)
0:46 chorus intro riff 2x
0:54 A C B chords (4x)
1:12 A chord
1:19 verse 2 A G F# F (4x)
1:52 chorus  
2:17 A chord
2:25 break A C#m7 Cm7 Bm7 (3x)
2:52            C#m7 Cm7  Bm7 
    because you sold your soul
             E  E        A
   at the hollywood bowl
3:08 funky stuff A A  C C F# F# G G 

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