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Pot Of Gold Chords

Pot of Gold – Ball Park Music
(Ball Park Music songs are great fun to play on guitar!)

Intro (chords for Electric Piano)

F#(8)    F#(8)   E(4)  Ebm(4)  A(2)  B(2)  


F#                  F#            
Holes get burnt,  in my clothes, 
E     Ebm           A - B
as my light bulb fizzes out baby
F#                  F#            
Tripped on wires in the skies
E    Ebm            AB             F#
My machine comes crumblin down into the dirt

Ebm                     B      
I used to be just like you
            E                   Ebm            
I did the things that I liked to do 
      A       B        F#*            
But now I do what I’m told
         A           B      F#*
over my tiny little pot of Gold


Verse 2
[ Tab from: ]
F#                  F#            
Girls all take brand new dates
E             Ebm               A - B
They’re too beautiful and get roped in
F#                 F#             
The Bank is huge, it’s shiny doors 
E              Ebm      AB            F#
are frightenin jaws,  chewin’ on my ancient DNA

[Chorus] – repeat last line 4x 
           and change F# to be as described at the bottom

[Guitarmony Interlude]


    EbmB    F#      EbmB     F#     EbmB    F#  C# (8)
[Bridge – ok I’ve no idea what these lyrics are!]

              Ebm                  B          
Oh.. I’m a complicated, annotated and I am
         E                  Ebm
I am frequent flyer pharaoh and his friend
          A                   F#m
I am a dead sole  I am a dead sole
        A               C#
I am a dead sole  So what…

[Chorus] – repeat last line 4x

[Guitarmony interlude x2]

(Outro – AB    F#)


From second choruses these F# chords are played like this:


Another one for Tom and Geordie - BPM's biggest fans.