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Leeson Street Lady Chords

Leeson Street Lady - Bagatelle

                     G                    C G
      Leeson Street Lady, walking down Appian Way,
                     G                     C G
      Leeson Street Lady, you' ve been working night and day
                     Bm                   C D
      Trying to find a client, someone to pay,
                      G                    C G
      Leeson Street Lady, you' re an easy lay.

      Leeson Street Lady, why don' t you walk out your door
      Some women stay at home and have children
      Other women stay poor
      You walk the streets and you' re going nowhere
      But they know where to find you, cos you' re always there
      You know you' re always there

      Chorus : G C D
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      And you' ve been on this road before, and I know
      You' ve been through this way before, and I know
      Well you know what it's like to be be doneon your luck
      For a drink, going out just to get messed up again

      well I read it in the news, they dragged her ashore.
      There was something hanging round her neck
      Wasn' t really too sure.
      But nobody' s gonna cry for you - and nobody cares,
      You' re just a Leeson Street LAdy
      Out selling your wares.

      This is the first time, that she' s been treated like a lady.
      Cos they' re letting her go first, through her own front door.
      Well that' s all because, Leeson Street Lady
      She' s not a lady anymore - she' s not a lady anymore.

      There' s another Leeson Street Lady walking down Appian Way
      There' s another Leeson Street Lady, she' ll be walking night and day.

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