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Angeline Is Coming Home Chords

Angeline Is Coming Home
Performed by The Badlees

Intro:   E-A-Bm     E-A-Bm-D

       Bm             E               A          
1.	Her parent's house exudes a reborn air 
       Bm            E                A
	The bathtub virgins in the midnight air 
	Seem to smile in celebration 
	What an intercession 
       G                          A
	All inertia washed away

       A   E          G
	Resplendent in dignity 
       A   E          G
	Angeline is coming home
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I'd fantasize her clean and home again 
The quintessential reverie free of pain 
Just to keep from going crazy 
While the cracks had claimed her 
And now that fantasy sustained

 I am sorry to say in the short 20 minutes I took to learn this song, I have yet to figure out the progression for the bridge.  If any one wishes to add thie bridge to it, I thank you.

Bridge:		The beautiful acquaintance 

		I desired has inspired me 

		To levels unforeseen 

		True admiration for someone who's 

		Made it back from the hell she was in

Harmonica Solo:  (Guitar Chords are the intro chords)

When do I see her? 
What said when I do? 
Do I let fantasized ideals come through? 
To hear her laugh at my hyperbole 
Would send me
It's nice to have her home and whole