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Your So Fine Chords

				You're So Fine


G    C    G    C

G               B                    C      G        B                      
Let me see your face let me see your smile  none can measure your love in 
D            C                     G    C   G
Only you can comfort me you're so fine 
G                B                  C    G      B          C
You can take  me up you can take me down put my feet back on the ground 
D                  C                G  C        G
Since you've got a hold on me I'm alive, I'm alive

[ Tab from: ]
    Em                            F                C                    
You built around me fences put my back against the wall 
    Am             G                 F
You broke into my world and made me crawl
       Em                         F                 C                     
You've broken my defences made me want you more and more 
    Am            G               F             Am     Am/D/D            
You came into my life I asked for more more and more

Solo: Same chords as verse
G  B  C  G  B  C  D  C  G  C  G


G         B                      C   G               B           C          
Can't get enough enough of your love I've learned my lesson well now it's good enough
D                 C                                 G      C         G
maybe someday the world will come come alive, come alive

Chorus repeat 
end on G