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Passed Fast Chords

Passed Fast  

Intro: Dm  C  G   Bb  C

     Dm                 C            Bb             G  		
	Your eyes have seen the glory of the future that is past 
G    Em Dm     C  G  Bb C 
Make it last 
Dm            C           Bb               G
Lost inside a reason of a love I hope will last 
G    Em Dm     C  G  Bb C
Take it fast 
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F            C
Hung on your highest hope 
    Gm                     C
The hopes your dreams will last 
F          C             Bb   C  Dm  Em 
The future promises will pass 
F            C
Nothing is impossible 
    Gm                 C
You know what you must do 
F            C                 Bb      C  Dm  Em
The flame of hope will see you through 

Time will wash away this time that's tearing you apart 
Let it start 
Nothing can deny it, all the love that's in your heart 
In my heart 

Chorus +
        Bb      C  Dm Em  
Are you through? 
Dm  C  G   Bb  C  Dm  C  G   Bb  C
Through?          Through?

End w\ piano and guitar solo