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Faith Alone Chords

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Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 17:34:34 -0500
From: (Kevin Friel)
Subject: TAB: Bad Religon - Faith Alone
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ARTIST: Bad Religion
SONG: Faith Alone
ALBUM: Against The Grain
TAB BY: Kevin Friel

Sorry I wasn't able to get the solo, please send any additions or
corrections to
All are power chords.
I've just labeled the higher chords with a 2 at the end, because I can't
remember the actual names :).

    E2                  F2        G2
g --9--              g -10--   g -12--
d --9--              d -10--   d -12--
a --7--              a --8--   a -10--
E --0--