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Dearly Beloved Acoustic Chords

Capo 1st fret

B5    X244XX
Bm    X24432
C     O32O1O
C5    X355XX
D     XOO232
D5    X577XX
Dsus4 XOO233
E5    O22XXX
Em    O22OOO
G     32OOO3
G5    355XXX

Em Bm x3 then C D (has alternating D Dsus4 at end)

Em         C           G          D                
Here's the story of an honest man losing religion...
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Em         D                G               C
Make no mistake Despite our traits I seldom Seeeeeeeeeeeee...
                           Chorus kicks in bout here^(I can't relate)

C         Em      C        G    D          Em                B5
I can't relate to youuuuuuuu... I can't relate to youuuuuuuuuuu.......

Interlude First Part:
E5               D5                  C5                     B5
Dearest in memorium Set Phasers to stun and grab yourself a neighbors...

Interlude Second Part:
Muted, but unmute each 3rd strum
E5 C5 G5             D5
      Do you know my name...
I won't deny.....