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Mesa Az Chords

Bad Books - Mesa, AZ

Ano5 -5- (Slide up from G)  A7 -0-  G/F# -3- Dno5  -0-  (slide up from C)
     -0-                       -2-       -3-       -3-
     -0-                       -0-       -0-       -0-
     -0-                       -2-       -0-       -4-
     -4-                       -0-       -0-       -5-
     -5-                       -X-       -2-       -X-

Intro Lick
  Dno5                 G
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G                           C                          G
We passed 800 miles talking circles about living with loss
C                                                              G
You said your sense of humor's always helped you get above & across
G                                   C                    G
Every hurdle, every chasm, every shocking & unspeakable blow
Just proves the universe is chaos so you laugh to clear the lump from your 
  G       G/F#

Em                              Ano5
But if you're fixed on being bitter
         G            A7
Go be bitter on your own
We're still two hours from El Paso
       Dno5                  G
Arizona's such a long way to go

The chemicals were coursing through our bloodstreams at incongruous rates
I was time-traveling inward through a past life I can never erase
You were hanging out the window, you said: 'We're just a beggar's banquet in space'
You were laughing at the moon, you were cursing it for wearing your face

Me & New Mexico are orphans
Or is it bastards? Either way:
I know a guy in Roswell
We'll hitch a moonride, steal you back your face

Interlude, Repeat Verse

Em                                    Ano5
You sleep and whistle 'Blackbird' backwards 
           G                    A7
while my eyes cut her name in clay.
You wake to Mesa, Arizona
              Dno5                         G
Say, 'Let it go. She'll change her mind someday.'
You took the wheel in Mesa, Arizona.
Said, 'I got the rest, man.
You can drift away.'