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Treat Me Good Chords

Title: Treat Me Good
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting For The Day

Chorus:	B	x13331		F#7sus	242422
	G#m	466444		E	022100
	F#	244322		A	x02220
	C#m	x46654		F#m	x9111189
	D#m	x68876		Bm	799777
	Em	x79987		A7sus	575755

Verse: |B	|G#m	|F#	|C#m	| x2

	Don't use me

	Don't tease me

	Don't hurt me

	Don't mess with my head

	Don't flaunt me

	Don't laugh at me

	Talk about me

	Or ignore what I said

Chorus:	|D#m	|G#m	|C#m	|F#7sus	| x2

	But you can treat me good

	Anytime you like

	C#m			F#7sus
	Show me some kindness if I'm lucky tonight

		D#m		G#m
	You can treat me good anytime at all

	C#m			F#m7sus
	A little caring's all I'm asking for

These are the lyrics for the second verse. Play the same chords
as the first verse.
[ Tab from: ]
	Don't try me
	Lie to me
	Patronise me
	Talk down to my friends
	Don't neglect me
	Forget me
	Be angry at me
	Say things to offend

Play Chorus

Bridge:	|E	|A	|G#m	|F#	|

	|E	|A	|G#m	|A	|

	E		A
	Every time I get home

	You're suspicious of where I've been

	And who I've seen

	E			A
	You're so jealous of any little thing

	That takes up my time

	It don't have to be that way baby

There's an interlude thingy here where James does heaps
of soloing. But i could only work out the chords.

They are: |G#m	|D#m	|A	|E	| x2

Then it goes to the third verse

	Don't hit me
	Frighten me
	Threaten me
	And order me around
	Don't guilt me
	Pressure me
	Make demands on me
	Keep putting me down

play the chorus once.

Then there is a key change, so the chords for the chorus are:

|F#m	|Bm	|Em	|A7sus	|

|F#m	|Bm	|Em	|A7sus A|

Play this chorus twice.
Then theres an outro sort of thing.
He just plays the verse a few times.

Hope you enjoy this song.
I always enjoy playing it.