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Lucky Me Chords

Title: Lucky Me
Artist: Bachelor Girl
Album: Waiting for the day

This song's not available on the first version of Waiting for the Day
but if you've got the single or the second version of the album (the one with
Lucky Me, Permission To Shine and Blown Away) you'll know this song pretty well
And will be able to play along with the music. Anyway you came here for the tab so
I'll shut up now and give it to ya!

Chords: B	x24442		E	022100
	Bsus4	x24452		C#m	x46654
	G#m	466444		B/D#	xxx877
	F#	244322		D#m	x68876
	F#sus4	244422		A	x02220

Intro: |B	|Bsus4	|x4

Verse: |B	|Bsus4	|B	|Bsus4	|

       |B	|Bsus4	|G#m	|F#	|

       |B	|Bsus4	|B	|Bsus4	|

       |G#m	|F#	|F#sus4	|E	|

	  B			  Bsus4
	I got an ex-boyfriend who calls me up

	    B			Bsus4
	To blame me for his life

		B		Bsus4
	I get bunches of roses from another guy

	   G#m			F#
	And hate mail from his wife

		B		    Bsus4
	I date a stupid jerk who forgets my name

		B			Bsus4
	Likes to make love watching TV

		G#m		  F#
	And some guy calls in the middle of the night

	F#sus4			E
	Just so I can hear him breathe

Chorus:	|B	|C#m	|B/D#	|C#m	|

	|E D#m	|C#m B	|A  E	|F#	|

	B	C#m
	Lucky Me
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		B/D#	C#m			2nd + 4th times
	Lucky, lucky me			(lucky, lucky little ol' me)

		E	D#m	   C#m		B
	I have every thing in this whole wide world

	  A		E   F#
	A girl could ever need

Play intro

	Lucky Me

Verse 2: (Same chords as verse 1)

	I got a great car - it's a red convertible
	Made by Mattel
	I got a nice house in the suburbs
	With hells angels for neighbours as well
	I got a scholarship for a hundred years of college
	If I wanna study dentistry
	But my folks just want me married and poppin' out the grandkids
	To keep them company

Play chorus x2

Play intro

Bridge:	|E	|	|G#m	|	|

	|E	|F#	|G#m	|A	|

	|E	|F#	|B G#m	|F#	|

	|C#m	|F#	|B	|E	|

	   E				    G#m
	I think I'll run and join the Hare Krishna

	E		F#		G#m		A
	Give up all my worldly goods, cut off all my hair

	    E		   F#		  B	    G#m	F#
	Cos nothing that I have right now brings me any joy

	    C#m			F#		B		E
	And when I'm shopping at the mall, cant find it anywhere

3rd Verse:

	But I've got my Tamagotchi
	And I got my wrist-watch phone
	I got so many friends on the Internet
	I could never be alone
	I got just enough cash to pay a lot of tax
	But not enough to quit my job
	Got a fools gold ring, credit card debt
	Psychiatrist for my dog

Chorus x2

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Can't wait for the new album.