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Suga Suga Tab

Date: January 6, 2004
Artist: Baby Bash (Frankie J.)
Title: Suga Suga
Transcribed by: Eric Bergevin
E-mail address:

Alright folks. After realising the error of my ways in the
first version of my tab, and getting a considerable amount
of emails asking for help with the song, I decided it was
about time I posted a new and revised version of "suga suga".

Tuning : Standard

** CAPO ON FIRST ** (This was the blunder in the first version)
[ Tab from: ]
Note: My last tab still sounds the same, but this version will
be a lot simpler to play...and according to my "emailers" this
is what they play in the video. (I haven't seen it, yet.)


Repeat this riff throughout the whole song.

Good luck everyone!

Thanks to Alistair Hill for getting me started in playing guitar!