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Sea Of Doubts Chords

                         Sea of Doubts - Azure Ray
Date: 02/11/06
Tabbed by: Frank Gualtier

    C    /    Em   /    C    /    Em   /

      C            /          Em   /
    i told them all the ones i love
        C            /          Em   Dm
    i'm leaving and i may not return
       C           /        Em   /
    see lately i've been overcome
        C             /           Em   Dm
    the feeling i fear has just begun

        F           C
    the pain i feel deep inside
         F                  C
    that haunts us all that we will die
    F            C              G    /    /    /
    never really knowing how it feels

           C    F    G    Em
    to be alive
           C    F    G    Em
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            C            /    Em   /
    through mountains and over seas
            C            Em   Dm
    through misery and disease
      C        /           Em   /
    a spectator i played my part
        C            /         Em   Dm
    but nothing could move this heart

      F              C
    until i held the boy's hand
        F                C
    the little one spoke like a man
    he showed me death and said
    C               G    /        /    /
    this is how you know  you're alive

     C    F    G    Em
     C    F    G    Em

      C         /  Em   Dm   /
    a kingfisher in flight
           F         /             C    /
    you'll rise above this sea of doubts
      F         /         C    / (last beat silent on "yah")
    into a world full of clouds - yah

    C    /    Em   /
    C    /    Em   Dm
    F    C    F    C
    F    C    G    /    /    /

    (repeat 4 times)
     C    F    G    Em

     C (silent after first beat and a capella to finish)