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Hold On Love Acoustic Chords

Hi! I figured this song out after listening to an acoustic version. I do believe 
this is the first time it has been tabbed, so if corrections are needed, let me 
know. Also, these chords can be played with the album version just as well. It 
goes slow, so be sure to listen to the song for timing. Enjoy, loves!

*No Capo needed, but feel free to get creative!*

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G      C     Em   F                C  Em   F                  C
   Just hold on love, even when I cry all night. Even when I say

Em       F              C   Em  F
I don't love you, just hold on love.


Em                           F    Em                                 F
  So, my head gets a little cloudy and the drink goes straight to my heart,

Em                          F                   G  
 and the words come like a runaway train in the dark.

*Repeat Verse and Chorus a few time*

-Thanks! Lots of love!