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Subject: a/australian_crawl/reckless.crd
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 22:04:18 +0800
From: "D. R. Warren" 

Author/Artist: Australian Crawl
Title: Reckless
Album: The Best of James Reyne
Transcribed by: Phil Warren

Dmaj7 	xx0222
Dsus4		xx0233
Asus4		003320
C(add 9)	x32030
G		320033

Riff 1



D	Dmaj7		D	Dmaj7

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D				   Asus4
Meet me down by the jetty landing
C(add9)				  D    Dsus4 D
Where the the pontoons bump and spray
D				    Asus4
I see the others reading, standing
C(add 9)		 G				  D
As the Manly Ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay

D				   Asus4
Hear the Captain blow his whistle
C(add 9)			D Dsus4 D
So long shes been away
D				  Asus4
I miss our early morning wrestle
C(add9)	G			D
Not a very Happy way to start the day

Riff 1	   C(add 9)     G
She don't like That kind of behaviour x 2


D	  Asus4		C(add 9)  G
So_____ throw down your guns
Don't be so reckless
Asus4		     C(add9)
Throw down your guns
Don't be so

D			      Asus4
Feel like Scott of the Antarctic
C(add9)		D Dsus4 D
Base camp too far away
D				   Asus4
A Russian sun beneath the Arctic
C(add9)		  G
Burke and Wills and camels
Initials in the tree

Riff 1	   C(add 9)     G
She don't like That kind of behaviour x 2


Guitar Solo (Chords same as Verses)

Chorus to fade with soloing over the top