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Angeline Chords

Another great intermediate song to learn by Austin. It has a very popular chord
progression and picking styles, so in learning this song you're also learning the 
backbone of
many others.
And just for clarification, the little e string is never picked in this song, but you
should include it if you want to strum the song instead.
Also, remember that the Em7 chord in this song is played without the big E string and
with the B string included, because won’t display the same chord that I use(same
goes for the D chord, so remember the chord shapes listed).

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)
Capo: 5th fret
Chords Used: (No markings means played open, "x" means not included, and "?" means optional)

      C       Em7*remember*    Am            G            F            E
e|---------| e|---------| e|---------| e|----1?---| e|----1----| e|---------|
B|----1----| B|----1----| B|----1----| B|---------| B|----1----| B|---------|
G|---------| G|---------| G|----2----| G|---------| G|----2----| G|----1----|
D|----2----| D|---------| D|----2----| D|---------| D|----3----| D|----2----|
A|----3----| A|----2----| A|---------| A|----2----| A|----3----| A|----2----|
E|----x----| E|----x----| E|----x----| E|----3----| E|----1----| E|---------|

E|----2----| [ Tab from: ]
The second pattern is like this (an extra beat longer than the first pattern):
Once again, the first "x" represents the base note of the chord, so depending on the
chord being picked it will either be on the E string or A string.

NOW FOR THE ACTUAL SONG. The chords are posted in timing with the lyrics, and a chord is
picked with the second finger-picking style when an asterisk is next to it (Example:
F*). If there is no asterisk, then the picking is in the first pattern.

C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*

C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*

C       Em7      Am     G      F*       G*
    You know the night gets me up, I'm calling.
C      Em7        Am      G         F*      G*
    I won't have much to fill your cup, my darling.
C       Em7     Am     G     F*          G*        Am*     D*
    But meet me at the promenade, 'cause we won't stay eighteen.
F*             G*            C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*
Kiss me if you want to, Angeline.

C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*

C       Em7    Am      G        F*       G*
    And if you want to bring a light for your smokes,
C       Em7     Am      G        F*        G*
    And if you want to warm the night with my coat,
C         Em7     Am      G     F*         G*        Am*     D*
    Don't let the season fade away, 'cause we won't stay eighteen.
F*              G*           C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*
Kiss me if you want to, Angeline.

E*      E*             F*
    Now I could get it right,
        C*                 C*              G*     G*
I could sweep you off your tender heels tonight.
E*      E*              F*
    And into you I'd lean.
         F*               G*            C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*
We don't have to fear the morning, Angeline.

C    Em7    Am    G    F*    G*
^^^Repeat this last part 4 times and end with a strummed C chord.

Hope this was helpful and enjoyable!
If you have any suggestions or corrections please send me a message, they are much appreciated!