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Years By Obe Thousand Fingertips Chords & Tabs

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Years By Obe Thousand Fingertips Tab

I found a video on youtube of Daniel and Ian playing this song after a show,
and I've been wanting to learn this amazing song for quite a while
so I decided to tab it out from the video.
well..Daniel's part at least

the version in the video's tuned to drop D, with a capo on 5
if you want to play in the same key as the studio version, the capo goes on 4 and
it's still in drop D

heres the video:

hopefully my way of writing it out is understandable :p
I couldn't really think of how else to write it out without it looking even more cluttered,
but heres what it's made up of

The main riff is played through the intro and most of the verse..

aside from that, the chords used in the verse are some sort of E7, what I think is GM7 
and Bm
in drop D and in the context of the song, they look like this:

    E7  G7  Bm

The chorus uses a bunch more chords..the names may not be proper, get the idea 

[ Tab from: ]
  A/F#  G7  D   C   G5

For the part where it's just the riff, I'll just put 'riff'..
theres a '*' in there, where I'm not really 100% sure about what's going on..but I think 

anyway, here goes-

If you hated music

would you be a mother with a family?

if your songs weren't written

would I still get shivers from your silence

G7              Bm        G7       (riff)
until tears are welled up in my eyelids?

if your duty wasn't earthly

would you understand it's beauty?

A/F#                       G7
please do these things for me

A/F#                      G7                D      E7              C     G5
please know that you have held one thousand years (by one thousand fingertips)


if your words weren't charming

would they still sit on fences in my eardrums?

if your voice was harmful

would it be a stormcloud

      *E7     G7     Bm       G7       (riff)
on the golden bay of summer's starting?

if I didn't know you

I would not be nearly as inspired

A/F#                       G7
please do these things for me

A/F#                      G7                D      E7              C     G5      C G5
please know that you have held one thousand years (by one thousand fingertips)

enjoy! :)