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Cut And Run Acoustic Chords

From the Norther Towns acoustic EP,
Cut and Run, by Attack in Black



Chords and words:

Am                        C          F
Shake and stir yourself into a bad excuse,
a half-hearted 'fuck you'
Am                                C
Imagine all the nowhere places we'd have been,
       F                 C
my cynicism aside and let me try

G                         F
To turn these awful words 
G                         F
into a cure not a curse

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Am                                         C
'Cause I'm still drawn by the kids in the corners
             F                C
Those lovely angels, alone on benches
Still making pleas to the kid whose clothes don't fit
or hasn't found himself just yet
F                       C
let alone the chance to love

G                           F
You cross them off your list
G                                    F
This shit is piling up hand over fist

Am            C            F            C

G                                    F
Got caught standing bored by the sidewalk
G                                    F
Tried to turn the offer to a punk rock stage
G                                    F
Got caught standing bored by the sidewalk
Am                                   F
They cut and run at such a tender aagggeee

C   G    C F C