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Real Good Friends Chords

Real Good Friends

(This songs by British band "atomic peanut", strange name!, is pretty easy, just straight chords


C			      Em
I saw her walking down the street yesterday

G			      Bm
She looked inside me, then she turned away

C			      Em
I never really thought that it would come to this

G			      Bm
It`s fallen apart because I took the risk

C			      Em
For the future in me is never tommorow

G			      Bm
The skys coming in, and I`m feeling hollow

C			      Em
I look for the answer, but it`s closing in on me

G			      Bm
If I treated you bad, it`s not as it seems


Em			C		    G
No		It was never gonna be this way

Em			C		    G
You said	We would always stay real good friends
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Em			C		    G
No		It was never gonna be the same

Em			C		    G
You say		You always play it out to the end


(this part goes back to the first verse standard four chords - C Em G Bm - so I`ll just put the
lyrics for this part)

The leaves of our past lay around on the floor
It makes you wonder, what it was for

There`s photos of people and places long gone
Words on some paper meant for a song

Pieces of a life not familiar to me
The darkness, my only memory

This dream was a nightmare, can I forget get
About a person I once met

(back to chorus)

Em			C		   G
No 		It was never goona be the same......     ("etc")

(repeat first verse)

(there is a very tricky lead part after this, which I can`t be bothered to work out, there is
a lot of echo on the track at this part, if anyone has any idea how to tab this part please
send it in)