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The Blue Imp Chords

The Blue Imp
By Atilla and the Huns

A    Asus4    A    A'          4x    				A'    XX22XX
Guitar 2 comes in overtop after 2nd time
D    Dsus4    D    D'						D'    XXX23X

Chorus:   rather quickly
A                Em   C           D
There's the blue imp, here he comes.
There's the blue imp, he's watching you.
There's the blue imp, here he comes.
There's the blue imp, he's coming for you.

Verse 1:  slower
G        E         C              A
Mom wakes you up, its time for the fair.
Millenial fair, celebrates the millennium.
Talk to mom and, get your allowance.
Take it to the fair, and play some games.
But watch yourself, soon you will see.  (let ring)

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Verse 2:
At the fair, you play some games.
A girl bumps you, wow she's a hottie.
Get her necklace, and she'll follow you.
Find the cat, give it to the girl
Don't eat the lunch, you'll be sorry.
Look out for the machine trust me.   (let ring)


Verse 3:
Its time to go, see what your friend made
She has a machine, a transporter.
Should you try it, should you not?
Give it a shot, you can do it.
The ride is fun, now its her turn
She goes in, soon you'll see.


Verse 4:
Pick up the pendant, its time to go
Follow your friend, wherever she is.
Through the transporter you depart
Through years of time and space.
Now you're in a canyon but where?
Watch out, imps run free.

Bridge:   fast
G            F      D           E
The battle is here, fight your best.
Destroy those imps, save your friend.
The Lode sword, if you have it
Will kill those imps and more


Verse 5:
You've seen the imps.
Were they as bad as you thought?
Now take Lucca and find Marle.
Kill the evil, kill the evil.
Save your time, save your world.
You can do it, Chrono!!

Chorus(repeat and fade)