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Sara Song Tab

The Sara Song.  Written by Greg Stry, in his lust for Sara McClung.

Part 1.
G--2-------2-------0-------0--------|   Repeat through part 1.

Part 2.
Strum the above like a chord.  A few strums with 2nd fret 3rd string,
followed by a few with open 3rd string then repeat.

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Part 3.
G----2-----------0-----------    Repeat 2-3-| times, then fade out.

Part 1
words according to Atilla and the Huns recording 3/3/98

Two months ago, a girl walked into my house
No no, a woman.  No no, an angel.
She said "Do you have any chili, Greg?"
I said "I have chili with potatoes in it."
She said, "What kind of moron puts potatoes in chili?"
Warm it up Sara, put it in the microwave.
Be careful Sara, don't burn yourself.
Ouch!  I burnt myself.
Thats okay Sara.
Slurp, slurp.  Slurp, slurp.
Mmmmmmm, this chili's good Greg.
And I like the potatoes.
Two months later I learned potatoes were her favorite food.

Part 2.
I do like you Sara.
Hope you like me too.
I do like you Sara.
Hope you like me too.

Part 3.
Sara, do you want seconds?
You can have seconds, any time you like...