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Pehli Nazar Chords

Hey guys.
I see that none of the posts of this song in here are accurate.
This is a better and much accurate version of the song.

The song is in the KEY OF D.

Standard Tuning;

Em7  -  D  -  Bm7-C-C 2x
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And Chorus:
G                   D
Mein hoon yahaan.....
Em                  D
Tu hai yahaan .......

For this specific line:

Baby I love you.

Use the same chorus progression but use muting and percussive switches on the chords.

Continues like that for remaining stanzas.

Tips. Play the song on your PC.
And try to play (strum) along with the song.
Remember to use Barre chords for intro.

The chords are exact with the song.
Check it yourself.
Beautiful song.
Enjoy Playin'.