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Flying Over Bus Stops Acoustic Tab

                 FLYING OVER BUS STOPS - Athlete

Tabbed by: Rich Stowe (Rich23)

This is similar to the way Joel plays it live on the acoustic:

CAPO 4 - All numbering relative to capo

General chord shapes are - C: X32010 (sometimes Cadd9: X32030)
                           Gsus4: 32001X or 3X001X
                           Am7: 00201X

The above chord shapes are a guide, but different strings 
are plucked/strummed in each shape depending on the part of the 
song. For example the open 6th string is plucked in the first part of 
the song but you might just want to play the standard Am7 shape 
(X02010) when the strumming kicks in - im not sure which is better. 
In the shapes above i've included the strings I tend to mute when 
strumming for this song but you can just play the regular shapes, 
whatever you prefer.

The pattern of C, Gsus4, Am7, Gsus4 repeats throughout the whole song.  


Capo 4
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This is one example of what's played in the intro, with little 
variations on the chords mainly done with varying what you do on 
the B string and adding in the high open e string on the C shape 
for a couple of beats.  These little variations on the B string 
don't necessarily carry through the whole song (some might), there's 
no point trying to tab exactly what little variations joel does cos 
it changes all the time and its something you can play with and make it your own.

That's pretty much it, the C, Gsus4, Am7, Gsus4 progression is 
just strummed for the second part of the song, listen to it 
(preferably the live acoustic versions on youtube, don't know if 
this tab goes with the album version) to see how it all fits.

Feel free to add comments, good to know what you think, any ideas for variations etc