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Eight Of Nine Chords

Eight Of Nine by Ataris


Standard Tuning
Chords:  E: E|0    G#m:E|x    A: E|x  C#m:E|0   B: E|0  A2: E|0   B*: E|x
            B|0        B|x       B|x      B|0      B|0      B|0       B|x
 x= dont    G|1        G|x       G|x      G|6      G|4      G|2       G|x
    play    D|2        D|5       D|7      D|6      D|4      D|2       D|9 
   string   A|2        A|5       A|7      A|4      A|2      A|0       A|9
            E|0        E|3       E|5      E|x      E|x      E|0       E|7 

E                      G#m                        A-C#m
these hospital walls are the palest of white
                      B                                  A2
here in this desert they're reciting my last rites
the smell of these halls
brings temporary comfort
                                 G#m                   A
as the oxygen flows through my blood
        B*                                      E-G#m
el corazon was poisoned tonight...
                     A               B*
she's on her eight of nine.
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E                                                   G#m
when half of all your prayers are insincere,
                            A   B*-A
the other half are lies.
E                      G#m                     A-C#m
here is this watermark under this bridge.
the point where it all crested,
rolled back and drifted into the sea.
i climb from this wreckage
              E                            G#m             A
as the smoke begins to clear from my lungs.
                                B*                          C#m
the closest of close calls has happened tonight.

it's time that i made things right
for the first time,
since the last time…
let this moment of clarity
lift this curse that has been cast upon me.

A2                   B
appreciate the good times,
E                                             G#m-A
but don't take the worst for granted.
'cause you only get so many second chances


End with E(strum)

Note: play it with the song so that you can hear the exact timing of the strumming…thanks!