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I A Rebel Soul Chords

C#m, E, A, G#m repeat with pattern: C#m / // E / // A / // G#m / //, continuous

lyrics need some help...

I a rebel soul, (repeat several times...)
 Give me lite to briten up my day, give me health and strength so I can make, my own way.  
As the darkness of the nite fades away, the sun begins to shine, I see my freedom over yonder.
  But they steal it away, yes they steal it away.

So I a Rebel Soul, ye I a RS, (repeat several times)

To save my face, shave of disgrace, I keep laughing like a clown,
 stripped of all identity, I am bare beneath the stares,
 but you can't walk with your head on down for you just can't see,
 which way to go (repeat)
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So I a RS, I a R, a R, I a born a R, I a RS ( repeat )


Though transgression? frustration? finds me, I'm confused by the ???
  My captors mesmerize me all to, to bring me down, 
still we are the children of the father, and he expects I and I 
to push on through, to push on through (repeat) 
So the real identity I can find, so JAH, JAH,
 I can be free (repeat 3 times) 
A rebel,  a rebel, a rebel etc. I be a rebel soul...

Face reality, the bottom will be Dread, heavy like lead,
 and the jester will run out of time...
 Our backs against the wall, and they don't mind if we fall,
 yes they'll use you, and abuse you, try their best to confuse you...

A Rebel Soul, I a RS (repeat) if you no rebel, then I no know (repeat and fade)..

not perfect, hope you find it well.