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Bootlegger's Advice by Assembly of Dust (Live @ Paradise Rock Club Boston MA
Tune Down Half Step




Use Variations of This Riff Throughout Verse (Scale of A)
                                       A                 E  E7/B
I make my money selling speakeasy gin defying logic and law

-2-------2-------2----2-|>>Verse Riff
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A         Cm                      D           Dm  A                 E
every time the blind pig comes to take his cut    he wears a sickly look on
his jaw  ------------------------|
         -2-------2-------2----2-| >>this riff leads right to chorus


D A               F#m             B        D              E
I know I've got a tarnished reputation but man I sure can think on my

A    Verse Riff  D A        F#m             B              D
toes             I know it's not the finest station in life but sometimes

E              A
that''s how it goes  (at end of this use variation from intro riff back in

back into verse)

Bridge to Solo:

G            F#m    D       E2          Verse Riffx2   G            F#m
Thats how it goes everybody tells me so                Thats how it goes

         D         E2          Verse Riffx2
you know everybody tells me so              .... Solo: Scale of A

another verse and chorus follow...there are different variations in verse and in chorus 
just improvise and use Scale of A