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Aria Chords

Aria by ASIA, Originally released on "Aria"

Chords transcribed by Velislav IVanov

Asus4  A  D/F#  F#m  D  C#m/E  E
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        Asus4  A
   As I look back
          D/F# F#m
   In the last act
D                      C#m/E E
   Far beyind the call of duty
         Asus4  A
   Did I give more?
          D/F# F#m
   Did I stand tall?
D                      C#m/E E
   Far beyond the call of duty.
      G/D  Dm
   And I know
   G/D   Dm
   You know...
   Am     Em
   Am             Em
   You know now...
Dm  Am  Dm  Am
Dm  Bb  C  F  Bb  Gm  Am

Dm  Bb  C  F  Bb  Gm  Am

Dm              Bb
Desire make it physical
C                  Am
Looks to feed the thrills
Bb                Gm
Desire with its hungry eyes
Closing for the kill
Bb  C  Am
Oooh oooh...
Gm  Am
Ooh Ooh..

Dm  Bb  C  Am  Bb  Gm  Am  Gm  Am (Repeat till fade)