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Love Chords

  LOVE by Ashlee Simpson

  -- couldn't find a tab for this catchy little tune, so here it is. enjoy! --
Tabbed by Robert J Rock

  INTRO Cm  Fm  Cm  Bb
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(Cm)All my girls (Bb) stand in a circle and (Cm) clap your hands (Bb)this is for you
(Cm) Ups and downs (Bb) highs and lows no (Cm) matter what you (Bb)see me through
(Cm) My boyfriend he don't answer on the (Bb) telephone
(Cm) I don't even know where the (Bb) hell he goes
(Cm) But all my girls we're (Bb) in a circle and (Cm) nobody's gonna (Bb) break through

(Cm) L,O,L,O, (Fm) L,O,L.O.V.E
(Cm) L,O,L,O,L,O (Bb)
Oh did you hear me say?