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No One Knows Chords

Asa - No one knows

capo 2 (C#m= XX2X2X, Bsus2= 024422.)

listen to song for strumming pattern if difficulties 
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C#m             Bsus2
Just the other day, the other day
I was talking to the weather man
About today oh oh oh
And all,all he could say
Was no one knows tomorrow
C#m             Bsus2
See I can read the weather child
I can say maybe the rain will fall
The sun will shine oh oh ohh….
But that’s as far as my story goes
C#m             Bsus2
Cos no one knows tomorrow
Oh oh ha…no one knows tomorrow
C#m             Bsus2
Tell me what’s the need
To go to war/all the killings
Just to settle some one else’s score o o o
When the victory isn’t even sure
No one knows tomorrow
C#m             Bsus2
See, we can study history
and philosophy and Plato’s ideology
oh oh ohh…
But tomorrows still a mystery oh oh ohh
C#m             Bsus2
No one know tomorrow Oh oh ha…
no one knows tomorrow
C#m             Bsus2
Tomorrow is your opportunity to fail
Or be successful if you please, yes indeed
C#m             Bsus2
Tomorrow is a politician’s today
it’s the victim of decision
and the future of our children
C#m             Bsus2
So if I die someday,
Will I be in heavenly places ?
Singing halleluiah with an angel
C#m             Bsus2
On the piano or will I be
Just another contribution
To the earth, the tress, the grasses
C#m             Bsus2
As tomorrow slowly passes
No one know….no one knows