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Dreamland Chords

INFO! I didn't put tabs here, but chords, listen to the song
You'll hear the picking style, but remember, all these are POWER CHORDS!
and in all the Palm Muted chords you pick only the 1st note (in Am it's A and in G it's G). 
or the 1st two, when in it's not palm muted it's the whole power chord (two notes, three strings).


(I don't want to write the lead right now, but I know it)

|Am| |C| |G| |C B| |D|
Am C G |C B|

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I had...
|A| |G| <-These are palm muted
where it..
|A| |E| <-These are palm muted
there people..
|C| |C|
       in a time out..
D--0-0-7-0-5-0-0-0-3-0-0-2-0-0-3-0 <-Every 0 note is muted
our control


I've seen ..
|A| |A| <-These are palm muted
more where..
|C G#| -> |C G#| <-These are palm muted
I've felt ..     ..seas
|E A| |D G| |B A| |F E|


Will new winds..
|A| |B| |A| |C#| <-These are palm muted
will lost hope..
|F#| |C#| |D| <-These are palm muted
where do your tears fall
|A# G#|
|A# E|

Enjoy ALL!