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Wasnt Worth It Chords

Okay sooo I noticed there weren't any tabs for their new songs... so I decided to come 
up with one. Did it by ear, and it sounds pretty good. So hope you guys like it!
The chords I use for acoustic are a little different, check out AVP's cover of Mean to 
see what I mean. (Make B's and C/C#m's like power chords...kinda)
 No Intro ):

Verse 1
E - B - C#m - A x2

C#m - B - A
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E - B - C#m - B - A x2
Second time, end with B

Verse 2
Same as Verse 1



Bridge (Probably wrong, but sounds ok)
A - E - A x3
A - E - B
A - C - C#m
A - E - B
A - B


Post-Chorus (Or whatever you wanna call it)
E - B - C#m - B - A

E - B - C#m - B - A

Thanks, enjoy (: