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Watermark Chords

(Composer: Jimmy Webb)

(Art Garfunkel Version from same titled Album)
The Chords as written into the lyrics, might not fit exact on the beat. 
So you'll benefit from listen to the song, and  play along With it.

The beat is in 2/4- measure, as i'd interped it
NOte that “Salvation Army” fingerings won’t do!
Use fingerings in  positions V - IX ; and you’re on!
Good Luck; & ENJOY!

Count: 2/4-bars

Dm-add9 x 4-bars

Dm (add9)         Dm/C-   Bb-        Gm
How delicate the tracery of her fine lines

C      F(maj7)       Bb(maj7)    Eb         F  C/E
Like the moonlight lacetops of the evening pines

          F               Bb              Eb     F C/E
Like a song half heard through a closed door
        Bb                         Am7                   Gm                    Gm
Like an old book when you cannot read the writing anymore

        Dm               Dm/C         Bb             Gm
How innocent her visage as my child lover lies
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C          F(maj7)                    Bb        Eb                     F     C/E
Pressed against the rainswept windy windows of my eyes
              F                       Bb
Like an antique etching glass design
         Eb                       F C/E
That somehow turned out wrong

Bbmaj                                Am     Am
I keep looking through old varnish
Bb             Am    
At my late lover's body

Bb                         Am
Caught on ancient canvas

      Bb    Bb       Am      Am
And decaying...disappearin

Bb                      Am/D   Am/D      
Even as I sing this song

Instrumental Bridge:

// Bb Am / Gm / C / F / Bb / Eb / C / F / Bb / Eb / F C/E /

Bb / Am7 / Gm / :/: / :/: : // to verse;

Repeat Chord sequence of 1st verse

How secretly and silently my sorrow disappears
You can't see it with your eyes or hear it with your ears
It's like a Watermark that's never there and never really gone
I keep looking through old varnish
At my late lover's body
Caught on ancient canvas
And decaying...disappearing
Even as I sing this song
Even as I sing this song
Even as I sing this song